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Purity Singapore as a Company, is built on the belief that, through the work we do, we can change the world and your health by sharing a very special SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH through the most abundant substance on Earth, the primary source of life and a liquid you consume in some form or another on a daily basis… Alkaline Water!

Restore PH Balance

Neutralise excess acidic waste to promote body pHbalance, promoting overall wellness.

More Hydrating

Has a cluster size of 5-6 water molecules. This translates to improved tissue and cell
penetration, as well as nutrients and oxygen
delivery within the body.

Slow Down Aging

Helps to stabilise highly reactive and unstable free radicals with abundant hydroxyl ions (ie. sea of electrons), which in turn helps to reduce free radical damage and retard aging.


Neutralizes acidity accumulated in our bodies from acidic chemicals, pollution, toxins in foods and substances throughout the day. This helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, gout,
hypertension, diabetes and obesity etc.

Better Digestive System

The body is energised, revitalised and both body
metabolism and immune system are boosted as well.

Energize & Revitalize

Maintaining the stomach’s acidic pH, alkaline
bicarbonate buffer will be generated and will enter into the bloodstream for a net gain of

Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis

Our skeletal system is primarily made up of
alkaline minerals as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The consumption of alkaline water helps to prevent the loss of such essential alkaline minerals due to acidity.

Better Restful Sleep

Allows water to be easily absorbed at the cellular level thus hydrating the body more effectively while also giving a more restful sleep.

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