Purity Plus Tankless Water Purifier With Precision Technology (Pink)


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Singapore’s First & Only Tankless Water Purifier With Precision Technology
Precise Use Of Water
Precise Use Of Electricity
Smart Uv Sterilisation Feature
Alkaline/Non Alkaline Options Available
Lowest Possible Water And Electricity Bill

Function Optional : Cold & Hot (Low/High) & Ambient Water (4 Type)

Filtration : Real Uf Filtering System

Filtration Stage: 1 Stage – Compound -Sediment, Carbon Block (E.C Filter) 2 Stage – Block Carbon (E.C Filter) 3 Stage – Real UF (E.C Filter)

Cooling Temperature : 4°C – 10°C

Heating Temperature : 45°C (±3°C) , 90°C(±3°C)

Power Consumption : Cold 0.6A, Hot 2500W

Dimension (W X D X H) : 180(W) X 518(D) X 400(H)


Purity Plus Product Launch Promo

$1,688 NETT (U.P. $1,988)

Get the most affordable Korean tankless water purifiers in Singapore or get a money back guarantee from us

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Free 3 years filters
(includes 1 set of built-in filters & 2 free sets of replacement filters)

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Free 3 years filters
(includes 1 set of built-in filters & 2 free sets of replacement filters)

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Free 1 year extended warranty

(total 2 years)

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Free 2 shower filters

Crafted to fit in small spaces in
your kitchen

Hassle-free Installation

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Super Efficient and
To Fit Tight Spaces

purity water dispenser function2

Temperature Change
With a Touch of a Finger

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Premium &
Sleek Design

Medical Grade Nano
4 Stages Filtration System
With Alkaline Options Available – Hydrogen Ions


Various Functions For Everyday Drinking

Baby Formula

Tea or Coffee

purity temperature3

Room Temperature

Ice Water

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purity various functions2
purity tankless technology

Viruses and bacteria free

With the best water dispenser Singapore system, you will have water purified from viruses and bacteria as well as chlorine or other toxins that tap water may contain. So, you have unlimited access to clean and tasty water.

Cost savings and eco-friendly

With a water dispenser at home, you will not need to spend extra money on clean water, so in the long run, you can save a significant amount of money. Water dispensers are also used to heat the water and do it in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way.

Health benefits

Having a water filter dispenser Singapore system will encourage you to drink more water because it is so easy and fast to use. Consuming more water is highly beneficial for your health and helps you to maintain a good diet and feel better and more efficient in your daily routine and more efficient in your daily routine.

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