Purity Smart Air


  • Bladeless Fan/Air Purifier
  • Support Wifi & App Control/ Voice Control Via Echo/ Google Home
  • Support Wifi & App Control/ Voice Control Via Echo/ Google Home
  • UVC Sterilization
  • Touch Sensitive Control; Digital Display
  • TFT Display To Show Air Quality Value
  • HEPA Filter To Clean Room Air
  • Air Laser Sensor To Detect PM 2.5

  • Product Name: Air Purifier Bladeless Fan\
  • Model: Purity Smart Air
  • Voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz
  • Oscillation: 80°+5°
  • Rated power: 35W
  • CADR: 86.3m¾
  • Room size: 25 m2
  • Timer: 1-8H
  • In a room of up to 86.3m°, the air purifier cleans at least 99.995% of pollen and mold spores per hour.



Purity Air takes the art of air purification to a new level! Thanks to its cutting-edge construction, the air is not only filtered and cleansed, but also revitalised. The highlight is within the housing: An integrated HEPA14 filter and UV-C disinfection eliminate up to 99.995 percent of allergens, pollens, germs, aerosols, and fine dust in the air.

Within an hour, the air in a 25m² room will be completely cleaned and the air quality will be improved using real-time PM 2.5 monitoring.


Our HEPA 14 filter removes 99.995% of all suspended particles, such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, fine dust or aerosols from the air.

The majority of HEPA 14 filters are utilised in settings where a lot of people congregate, such as hospitals. Allergies sufferers – and those who like clean air – will benefit from the HEPA 14 filter. It can perform efficiently up to 720 hours of usage.

HEPA 13 filters can capture 99.97% of 0.3-micrometer of air particles, while HEPA 14 filters can capture 99.99% of 0.3-micrometer of air particles.


The UV-C light with Switchable filter eliminates germs, fungus and viruses from the air, in addition to HEPA 14 filtration.

UV rays are an effective tool for killing germs, in part because they scramble the structure of the DNA, RNA, and protein molecules – preventing them from ever multiplying – considering them dead and no longer becoming infectious.

The UV-C radiation thus enhances hygiene levels. This is ideal for allergy sufferers since it is based on a closed source of UV-C radiation. Humans and animals are not harmed by UV-C sterilisation due to the enclosed light source.

Our Filter Solutions Minimise Risk Against COVID‐19

A room air purifier can help you avoid infections by ensuring that your environment is clean. According to a research published by German Armed Forces University in Munich, room air conditioning filters can reduce COVID-19 infection risk more effectively than continuous ventilation.

Our certified HEPA 14 air filters reduce the chance of viral infection, such as SARS-CoV-2, by 99.99 percent. SARS-CoV-2 is also carried via tiny particles that may be measured in hundreds of nanometers. Our air purifier filters are designed to use less energy and create minimal noise pollution.

According to a research by the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, mobile air purifiers with HEPA 14 air filters can reduce virus concentration by 90 percent in half an hour. According to experts at the Goethe University, mobile air purifiers help to prevent infection.

Key Benefits of Using Purity Smart Air

Enjoy a Room Free of Viruses

Fight Against Sinus Reactions

Say Goodbye To Pet Fur Floating In Your Room

Sleep With a Peace of Mind

Enjoy Purified Breeze To Every Corner

Our air purifier fan is made to work in tandem with 80-degree oscillation and 30-degree tilt angle, resulting in a broader coverage and uninterrupted clean breeze throughout the space.

Accessory That Comes Together With Our Product

Remote Control

HEPA 14 Filter