Are Under Sink Water Filter Is Worth It In Singapore?

Have you installed your under sink water filter in Singapore? Some of Singaporean have not installed their under sink water filter wondering if it’s worth it or not. Actually, under sink water filters are common and popular nowadays. Water filter Singapore will promote your health. It offers a lot of health benefits.

Under sink water filter is a choice if you get bored with your tap water which is very difficult to use. When you install it under your sink, you can drink clean and tasty water directly from the tap. You can also get the best alkaline water to provide you and your family healthiness, mineral water for drinking or cooking, you can give access to clean, safe, tasty and healthier water at any time. You can have alkaline water at your home by installing a water filter. You have to find a professional to help you install it.

Purity Singapore

For those of you who want to install a water filter at your home, do not hesitate to contact Purity Singapore. Purity Singapore provides alkaline water, under sink water filter, water filter system,  water dispenser (purified water) and alkaline water filter. Do you want to know more about alkaline water Singapore and its benefits? Let’s check these out!

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Under Sink Water Filter 

An under sink water filter is a filter that is put under your sink to give you the best filter water. This under sink water filter has low maintenance. Once you install, it will take several months to filter change which can save your cost for bottled water bills. By using an under sink water filter, you can  get healthy water at your home. As you know, the usual water has a massive reduction in sediment and other pollutants.

There are several under sink water filter types like particulate filters, activated carbon filters, oxidation reduction filtration, ion – exchange filtration, reserve osmosis filtration, ultraviolet filtration.  All of these are water purifiers in Singapore, the difference is the way they filter the water.


The reasons to use an under sink water filter are it’s convenient because you don’t need to fill your pitcher manually again, It delivers targeted filtration which will promote your family health by using a filter water in your daily life,  under sink filters use water pressure  to push water through the filter so it can remove a greater range of contaminants and we don’t need to replace the cartridge so often.


There are also cons on using an under sink water filter because it’s a bit pricey, it will take up some space under your sink and the flow is slow.

Which Cost More : Water Filter Pitcher Or Under Sink Water Filter?

The reason why people keep postponing installing an under sink water filter is the cost and is it worth it. The usual water pitcher will cost under $100 but when you use a water filter pitcher will take a lot of filter replacement which will cost more.  Many people just use the water filter pitcher to drink only and it’s a bit inconvenient because you need to fill the pitcher manually. 

The under sink water filter can be used for a long term. It will take around $60 until $500 to instal an under sink water filter. The price depends on the number filter and stages included with the system. You don’t need to replace the filter too often which will save you money. You can use the filter water not only for drinking but also cooking, washing fruits and vegetables and cleaning.

Purity Singapore

Thinking of getting the best under sink water filter in Singapore in your home? Consider the under sink water filter? It has no mess because it doesn’t require much space. The only addiction is a faucet on your sink before your tap. You can contact Purity Singapore to install a water filter at your home. Purity Singapore is a professional in installing water filters in Singapore and has received a lot of certifications such as  SWA (Singapore Water Association), TUV SUD and ALS. So what are you waiting for? Call Purity Singapore and get your healthy water!

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