Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Singapore? Or Better to Drink Bottled Water?

If we are discussing water, it is indeed crucial. Water is one of the most important aspects that build our bodies and takes a huge part in our life process. Yet, that is still a question that has been wandering, whether tap water is a go-to drink water source in Singapore or not. Well, if you do live in Singapore, you might end up asking the same question; is tap water safe to drink in Singapore?


Let’s Discuss More about Tap Water and Bottled Water

Can you drink from tap water? The answer is yes. Although most people actually know that tap water in Singapore is safe, there are still doubts regarding the quality of the water itself. In order to understand about tap water and bottled water, let’s break it all down.


Safe, Hygienic, Qualified

Is tap water mineral water? Of course. The drinking water quality standards in Singapore are based on WHO (World Health Organization), while EPH (Environmental Public Health) is responsible for drinking and waste water. According to those organizations, there are no bacteria in the water samples from the tap water. 

Next, is toilet tap water safe to drink? The no-bacteria-information is also valid to the toilet tap water. However, knowing that it all contains minerals, some Singaporeans may be influenced by the perception that the condition of a sink can affect the quality of water.

For some cases, the water might taste poor because of the chlorination or discolored water process. The chlorination is able to prevent the water from bacteria and viruses. Yet, when chlorine is mixed with organic elements, it will make the water taste bad, thus, it comes as a primary perception that all the water coming from tap waters is bad.

The flushing of service pipes or the cleaning routine of the water tanks are the main problem that can cause chlorine. Moreover, the discoloration appears because of the tank materials’ corrosion.

Above all that, you can still get hygienic and drinkable tap water if you trust Purity Singapore! Purity can provide you with water filters for your tap water by installing an under sink water filter. It will leave no mess because it does not require much space on the outside. The best option is to add a faucet filter on your sink, and there you go, drinkable tap water!


Tap Water Does Not Cost Much


It is known that using tap water for your drinking source is a thousand times cheaper than buying bottled water. If you compare a 600ml water bottle that can cost up to $1 on a local retail store to a tap water that costs 0.1 cents, what would you choose?

It is clear that tap water costs less than bottled water. You can simply just drink it whether from a public tap water or install in yourself at your home. For example, using a service from Purity Singapore to help you get what you need; water filter system for your tap!

Otherwise, it has been researched that the average Singaporeans spend on bottled water can take about 800+ Singapore dollars per year. Even though bottled water is expensive, some people still make that as a number one preference. While in fact, tap water is cheaper and produces some excellent quality of water.


Bottled Water Is Not Environment Friendly

It takes a thousand years for a single plastic bottle to decompose. Can you imagine if you use bottled waters everyday and throw them away? You might distrust the quality of tap water, but if you compare it to the use of bottled water for your daily activities, which one is safer?

Although you may also assume that a corroded sink would produce a poor taste of water, well, you have been wronged. Besides, the explanation is crystal clear; that the tap water is safe to drink. You can have a water filter system installed under your sink with Purity Singapore. Do not need to worry, Purity Singapore is here to provide the best quality of purified water.

So, is tap water safe to drink in Singapore? Or better to drink bottled water? The conclusion is tap water is 100% safe to drink. It does not mean you are not allowed to buy bottled water, yet it just means that compared to tap water, you can save a lot of money by decreasing a habit of buying bottled water for your daily use.


Purity Singapore

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