Which type of water filter system is best for home in Singapore?

Choosing the right water filter for your home can be a difficult decision. There are many different kinds of water filters out there, and they all have their own unique benefits to offer. If you’re looking for a water filter system that will provide safe drinking water in your home or office in Singapore, then you should read on! In this post, we’ll discuss what types of filters exist and how they work to help find the best one for your needs in Singapore.

Do you drink water? Sometimes it doesn’t taste so great. Did you know that as little as 6% of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water and just about 45,000 children die each year from unsafe drinking water? If your answer is “yes” then chances are there will also be days when the tap at home tastes like dirt or worse yet smells bad too! Luckily for us though we have a solution: filtration systems.

The process of removing particulate matter usually includes five stages which can include sediment (removing suspended solids), mechanical filters (to remove large particles such as sand), chemical treatment devices called disinfectant ion-exchange units, mineralization chambers where bacteria grows in an organic medium containing

Why We Need Water Filter System At Home?

Clean water is vital to your health. Drink it, shower in it, and cook with it; without clean water there would be no life as we know today!

Clean drinking water sustains our lives by giving us the fluids necessary for bodily functions such as breathing or digestion. The human body consists of about 70% liquid so a person must drink at least eight glasses (2 liters) of fresh pure clean natural springwater every day just to survive.

The irony of water being one of the most important substances to our survival, yet only a fraction is safe and potable. You may get your tapwater from an EPA certified plant that produces drinking-quality H2O or you might rely on bottled water which can still have contaminants. A more reliable solution includes installing home filtration systems like reverse osmosis (RO) units; they are affordable and easy for DIYers to install themselves with basic tools such as plumbing supplies.

It’s ironic how we require two thirds of earth’s surface covered by drinkable waters when fewer than 10% is healthy enough for consumption because it has picked up so many toxins over time due to natural disasters, fertilizers in soil and runoff.

Filtering your water removes bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals from the water. Think of that one time you got sick after drinking a glass of tap-water at work because they forgot to turn off the faucet during lunch! The safest way to drink refreshing clean filtered home-made iced tea is by investing in an advanced filtration system for your kitchen sink.

Benefit Of Water Filter System?

  1. Have safer drinking water anytime. When you filter your water, it’s guaranteed that you have healthy drinking water. Compare this to the bottled and tap waters which come straight from the treatment plants in your municipality. Unfiltered water still has contaminants such as lead even if they came from a plant with chemicals added like chlorine or fluoride for safety measures against biological organisms and other impurities common in untreated drinks of any kind. A good home filtration system will remove these toxins – along with most 2,100 known poisons found in our drinking supply – so fill up those safe bottles now!
  2. Minimize aggravation of skin conditions. Drinking water is a key part of one’s health, but it can also be something that aggravates skin conditions. Substances such as heavy metals and fluoride in the water can cause psoriasis or eczema to flare up from time to time. In some cases this might occur more often with children who are exposed for long periods every day because their bodies aren’t developed enough yet for them not consume so much at once. Drinking water is important when considering your personal hygiene habits; however, certain substances found within drinking waters could lead on occasion to exacerbating any existing dermatological condition you may have due mainly in large quantities taken all at once like through consumption by infants which are still developing immunity systems against these particles and molecules being introduced
  3. Reduce plumbing repair bills. Heavy metals, minerals and chemicals in water can cause costly repairs to your plumbing system. Filtering the water before it gets into these appliances will not only keep them running smoothly but also save you from dealing with expensive repair bills down the road.
  4. Enhance disaster preparedness.  If a sewer line bursts near your house, it can lead to water contamination. However, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if an advanced home water filtration system is installed for the whole house then anything coming up from below ground will be filtered out before any damage happens inside your walls or on your flooring surfaces.
  5. Improve the taste of drinking water.  A water filter will improve the taste and smell of your drinking water by removing elements such as lead, chlorine and bacteria. They also lower pH levels to make it more pleasant on a range of senses. With this in mind what would you rather sip throughout the day?

Which Type Of Water Filter Is Best For Home?

There are various types of home water filtration systems that you can use to filter out impurities and purify your drinking water. The top three advanced filtering options include reverse osmosis, nanofilter, and ionizer filters.

  • Activated carbon. Activated carbon filtration systems are effective at removing parasites, chemicals and heavy metals that may be present in water. The system is usually installed under the sink where you just replace filters when necessary!
  • Cation exchange water filter systems. Ion exchange filters use positively ions to attract the negative ones like barium. Exposure of prolonged periods could affect your internal organs and cause other health problems too, such as magnesium or calcium which can damage pipes leading to bad tasting water for you but not just that: they make it hard on us in four easy steps! First, these minerals lead to a build-up of limescale in our plumbing system since their charge is much stronger than those found elsewhere inside the filter cartridge. Next second step leads them obliterating this barrier causing corrosion and destruction within days so thirdly we have an increased risk with broken pipelines when exposed over long intervals while fourthly there’s nothing better taste wise than coffee made from good old tap water instead.
  • Reverse osmosis. This is the most effective home water filtration system of all. Sure, it’s expensive and time-consuming to install a whole house filter that has 7 stages but if you’re committed to having clean drinking water for your family then this could be worth it. And because there are so many filters with different types of stages (5 or 6) they can produce everything from regular old tap water that tastes like chlorine–which means no more nasty coffee! This will give anyone who drinks caffeine headaches something better than black coffee as an option.

You have the power to choose which home water filtration system suits you best. This choice will give both your body and house a healthy cleanse, so it’s important that you take time out of your day for this task!

Whatever kind of filter system you want in order to get rid of those pesky impurities from coming into contact with any part of your life, make sure that all areas where these chemicals are found can be cleaned up properly by installing one at each sink or spigot!

Purity Water Filter System For Your Home!

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Other brands indeed have many types of bottles such as PET bottles, large, or gallon ones. Yet, Purity Singapore has an under sink that can give you no mess at all because it does not require much space. Plus, we can also provide you with more than 7 pH Alkaline water to cook or drink.

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