What does Singapore tap water contain? Is It Safe To Drink It?

This article will answer these questions and more. It will tell you what singapore tap water contains, if it is safe to drink in singapore, and how to filter it for your own safety. What does singapore tap water contain? The singapore water tap is treated with chlorine, fluoride and sodium hydroxide as a disinfectant which are added at the point of production.

Is singapore tap water safe to drink? Yes! Tap water in singapore is safe because of the treatment mentioned above. However, some people might still prefer bottled or filtered water because they choose not to take any risk when it comes to their health (or that of their family).

Where Does Tap Water in Singapore Come from?

Singapore’s history of mineral water dependency on Malaysia led to the country investing considerable money and resources into creating alternative sources. 50 years ago, Singapore had only two water tap sources – now there are four official ones that aim at keeping up with an estimated 400 million gallons per day consumption rate – namely imported water from Malaysia, local catchment waters (which rely mainly on rainwater), Newater (Singapore’s own recycled wastewater treatment plants) or desalinated supplies for when it rains less than usual.

What does singapore tap water contain? The singapore tap water is treated with chlorine, fluoride and sodium hydroxide as a disinfectant which are added at the point of production.

What Are the Water Quality Monitoring Practices in Singapore?

The tap water in Singapore, which is regulated by comprehensive guidelines and monitored every day for safety, has been found to be safe. Every year 400 thousand tests are carried out on parameters such as organic materials, physical structures of the water itself; microbiological content (living organisms); radiological substances like radioactive isotopes; and finally different types of minerals water that exist naturally within the water. The entire process happens at each individual stage of treatment from reservoirs or distribution systems all over our country to localities’ own drinking-water plants where samples come back clean after being tested with precision instruments who work hard around the clock just so you can have a refreshing cold drink!

Is Singapore tap water safe to drink?

Tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking, but sometimes you will encounter poor tasting chlorinated or discolored water. Chlorination keeps the tap water filter free from pathogens like bacteria and viruses; however when chlorine mixes with organic compounds it can cause a bad taste to the drinker’s palate. In addition to this many times old pipes are what lead to discoloring of our taps so whenever possible avoid using hot running water as that might be more likely to create new buildup within your plumbing system leading again back into something less than desirable tasting

Do I need a tap water filter in Singapore?

As you can see, tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking. However, there are some instances where your tap water may not be so nice to drink straight from the faucet- like when it’s chlorinated or discolored. Installing a good quality water dispenser in Singapore for your home will protect you and your family from this kind of bad tasting H2O at all times! 

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