Should You Consider a Water Dispenser When Renovating or After?

Renovating or building a new home can be a very exciting process. One of the decisions you will have to make is if you should consider installing a water dispenser in your home. Water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, health benefits and cost savings associated with them.


Why You Should Consider Water Dispensers During Renovation

Better Planning During The Reno Process

During the renovation process, you have the freedom to decide where to install the water dispenser in your home without worrying about affecting other electrical points or design elements. This gives you more room to do some space planning so that your water dispenser is placed in the perfect spot to dispense that nice cool/warm drink when needed.


Time and Cost-Efficient

It could save you time and in some cases may be slightly more cos-efficient to have your water dispenser installed during the reno process since the installation can be done whilst other works in the house are ongoing. This means that everything is ready once the renovation work is done and you can have easy drinkable water at your convenience when you move in from day 1.


Easy to Install

When it comes to installation, water dispensers are a great choice for your renovation as they’re generally simple to install. All you need is an accessible water supply line and a reliable power source. From there, the setup process should be easy and uncomplicated. Any mess that comes along with the setup is also easily cleaned up during the post-reno cleanup process so everything is perfect for your move-in.


How To Select the Right Water Dispenser for Your Space

When looking for a water dispenser, there are a few things to consider. It is important to look for one with a good filtration system that is easy to maintain, as well as an energy-efficient model that will help reduce your electric bill.

Additionally, make sure you find one that fits in with the overall style of your space. There are various options available for water dispensers to cater to different needs.

Whether you require hot and cold water from a plumbed system or just cold water from a free-standing model, you can either use it as a stand-alone appliance or get it built into your kitchen sink, countertop, or wall.



Overall, it is beneficial to install your home water dispenser during your renovation so that space planning can be done for all your devices, and everything is installed and ready before you move in.

Various water dispensers cater to different needs, whether you require hot and cold water from a plumbed system or just cold water from a free-standing model. These dispensers can be used as stand-alone appliances or built into your kitchen sink, countertop, or wall.

By doing the planning and setup early on, you will be saved the hassle of finding a space for your water dispenser and the effort to clean up after the installation.

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