3 Tips for maintaining your alkaline water filter Singapore

You have just purchased an alkaline water filter, where do you start to maintain it? It’s possible that you have gotten your hands on a top-quality alkaline water filter in Singapore. Water is an essential component of life. The human body needs water to survive and thrive, so it’s important to drink a sufficient amount […]

A Water Filter Dispenser: 11 Reasons to Get a New Drinking System for Your Home

  To keep healthy and hydrated, it is advised that you drink a specific quantity of water every day, whether at work or at home. Water from the tap might occasionally be of low quality.  Even though it appears to be clean, it may contain millions of bacteria as well as dangerous chemicals and poisons. […]

The Reasons Kangen Water Is So Expensive & How You Can Transform Your Tap Water in Singapore.

Water is the most important nutrient for all living things. It can also be a very expensive one, but you have options that don’t involve breaking your bank! Kangen water is a delicious water created from Innovative Water Technology, also an alkaline type of bottled water that has been made popular by celebrities and wellness […]

Is Drink Alkali Water Better Than Tap Water? 

It is often said that alkaline water has a higher pH level than tap water. This is true, but the question remains: does this make it better for you? The answer is not so simple. There are many factors to consider when determining whether alkaline water or plain water are better for human body health […]

A Guide To Buy Best Alkaline Water Dispenser In Singapore

Many people want to be healthy and live a long life. One way to do this is by drinking alkaline water, which has many benefits that regular water does not have. Alkaline water can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, prevent diabetes, improve digestion and so much more! If […]

11 Buying Guide for Healthy Home Water Dispenser in Singapore

Maintaining a fit body could be done by following several healthy tips including drinking the right amount of water. The consumed water also has to be the clean one, so that it will prevent us from bacteria and toxins that get into our body. To obtain clean water to drink, one of the methods you […]

5 Truth About Premium Water Singapore That You Need to Know

In Singapore, getting clean water is as simple as turning on the tap, yet shops are supplied with a wide variety of bottled water. Premium water is currently popular among the people because the thirst for bottled water is also growing. Here, we will show you five facts about the premium water that you may […]

Alkaline Drinks: Does it Work?

The human body is a complex system that can be disrupted by many different factors, including diet and environment. In order to maintain an alkaline state in the body, it’s important to consume foods and drinks with high levels of alkalinity. Alkaline water is one step towards maintaining this balance but there are other options […]

What Is The Difference Between Water Cooler And Water Dispenser?

There are many differences between water coolers and water dispensers. It is important to know the difference before purchasing one for your office or home. A water cooler will typically be larger than a water dispenser, but both of them can hold a large amount of liquid. The main difference is that you have to […]