How Often Do You Change Water In A Water Dispenser?

Having a water dispenser at home or in the office is very useful as it provides us with quick access to cold, hot, or room-temperature water.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these machines are exposed to air and other harmful substances, so it is necessary to change the water regularly to maintain cleanliness and ensure the water we drink is healthy.


How Often Should Water Be Changed in a Water Dispenser?

Experts generally advise changing the water every three to four weeks to prevent the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants in the dispenser, and to maintain clean and healthy drinking water.

However, the frequency of water changes may vary depending on the specific situation.


When to Change Water In A Water Dispenser?

1) At the Start of Each Month

For optimum maintenance of your water dispenser, it is recommended to change the water at the beginning of each month. Before refilling with fresh water, turn off the dispenser, empty any remaining water, and clean all surfaces.

To enhance the taste of your water, you may want to consider adding a water filter. It is also important to refer to your owner’s manual for any specific instructions or requirements.


2) After Extended Periods of Non-Use

If your dispenser has been sitting unused for a few weeks, it is a good idea to empty it and replace the old water before it can become stagnant.

Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, so it is best to discard any water that has been sitting unused for more than 2 weeks.


3) Depends on the Condition of the Water

The condition of water can change drastically over time, even if it is not being used. For instance, hard water can leave deposits and mineral buildup on the interior of your dispenser’s tank.

If you notice that your water has a strange odour, cloudy appearance or taste, or any noticeable sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank, it is best to change the water. Be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize your dispenser as well if this occurs.


How Often Should You Clean the Dispenser?

No matter how often you are changing your water, it is important to also clean and sanitize your dispenser regularly. All it takes is a few minutes to properly clean and disinfect your dispenser. This can be done by using a diluted bleach solution, or you can purchase special cleaning kits for the job.

You should clean and sanitize your dispenser once a month, or more if you notice any problems with the water or physical buildup on the interior of your dispenser’s tank. Additionally, be sure to check the filter regularly to ensure it is working properly.



The frequency at which you need to change your water depends on your specific usage and preferences. As soon as you notice any unpleasant taste, odour, or appearance, it is recommended to replace the water right away.

To maintain fresh water, it is recommended to clean and empty the dispenser tank once a month in households and offices with low usage. In high-usage places like schools or cafeterias, changing the water every week is advisable.

It is also important to perform routine maintenance, including descaling and sanitizing, every six to twelve months for your home water dispenser to remain in good condition. By sticking to this maintenance schedule, you can be sure that your water dispenser stays clean and dispenses water that tastes fresh.

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