How Much Does Water Prices in Singapore?

Did you know that Singapore has a variety of water prices? Just like other aspects of life, we have to value what is important. Singapore water price is a one step to value the water that we enjoy everyday. The factors that affect water cost in Singapore is the investments in water infrastructure and the rising of operational costs

Water in Singapore can be very expensive. To have a cost-saving water system, try to purchase a water dispenser! With Purity Singapore water dispenser, you will get a better water system which provides you with cleaner water. Not to mention, the benefits that clean water from a Purity water dispenser gives are very good for your health.

Singapore Water Price

Questions like “Is water expensive in Singapore?” are being asked by newcomers from other countries because they believe that water tariff rates in Singapore cannot be that expensive since they provide tap water to drink. However, the average water bill Singapore 2021 depends on the type of flat you live in.

Singapore Water Bill Calculation

Since July 2018, Singapore water tariff for eligible HDB households has been between S$40 and S$120. In total, each HDB household receives an sp water bill around S$220 to S$380 per year.

How is Singapore water bill calculated? In 2018, the government has two phases in increasing the water price in Singapore. Average monthly water bill is calculated based on the HDB types. After phase 2 increase, it costs between S$23 to S$56 for a 1-room HDB flat to HDB executive per month.

water conservation tax

If you ever wonder how much the cost of 1 litre of water in Singapore, it is S$0,00274 per litre. Compared to bottled water, a one-litre tap water in Singapore is way cheaper. This is due to most of us comparing bottled water with soft drinks, juices, or iced tea which are of course more expensive and bottled water is the healthier option.

The Water Tariff is charged based on the volume of water consumed. Water Conservation Tax The Water Conservation Tax (WCT) was introduced in 1991 to encourage water conservation and to reflect its scarcity value

The cost of water production and transmission has increased as we build more desalination and NEWater plants, and lay deeper pipes through an urbanised environment… We need to update our water prices to reflect the latest costs of water supply.” The increase consists of higher water tariffs and water conservation tax, as well as restructured waterborne and sanitary appliance fees for used water. The sanitary appliance fee — presently S$2.80 per fitting — will be combined into the waterborne fee, which goes towards treating used water. From July, the waterborne fee will be 78 cents per cubic metre for households

Water Dispenser for The Win!

Reviewing the cost of new water Singapore, some of you must be thinking of finding a way in order to obtain clean water. One of the cheapest methods to have clean water in your household is by purchasing a water dispenser. But actually, how much does a water dispenser cost in Singapore? And how do you properly choose a water dispenser?

The average cost of a water dispenser is varied due to its specs and utilities. The more advanced the spec, the more expensive it gets. The water dispenser price list Singapore 2021 ranges from S$43.40 to S$1,202.00 depending on the brands and the benefits.

The Benefits of a Water Dispenser

Drinking water from the tap is probably the cheapest option, but even though the government monitors the hygiene of tap water in Singapore, we still don’t know how much bacteria and particles that tap water contains. Therefore, we have to make more efforts in order to obtain clean water.

Drinking water quality standards in Singapore are quite high and that’s why we should thank the government for the well-spent our tax on. To obtain your very own clean drinking water, you can buy a water dispenser. You might don’t know this but there are a lot of benefits that a water dispenser could offer and here are some of them.


The hygiene of water is absolutely unquestionable when it comes from water pipelines and water dispenser. With an advanced water process system, a water dispenser could provide you water with fewer bacteria and toxins.


If you’re owning a water dispenser, this means that you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore! We all know how concerning plastic bottles are for the planet right? Moreover, by purchasing high-quality water dispensers such as Purity Singapore you will also get the benefit of electric-saving and energy-efficient that is profitable for the environment and your financial expense.

Keep You Hydrated

With a water dispenser, you will easily get drinking water. With only one push of a button, you will get clean drinking water that is good for your inner body.

Hot and cold? Why not?

A water dispenser can provide you with hot or cold water. With a water dispenser, you don’t have to boil or add ice to your drinking water. Just a simple press to the machine, you will get a clean water with the temperature of your choice.

Purity Singapore Pte Ltd: Pure and Clean Water for You

In order to enjoy the benefits of a water dispenser, you have to get a well-reviewed water dispenser like Purity Singapore. With simple design and child safety lock lever, water dispenser from Purity Singapore is extremely easy to use and could save your money as well. Visit us at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street, Singapore to take a look at our healthy water related products!

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