Drinking Water in Singapore: Is It Safe to Drink Without Water Filter?

Water is the important element that our body needs. The amount of water that we have to consume per day is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women. Drinking water in Singapore is varied. You can get your drinking water either from the tap provided by the local government or from bottled water.

There are a lot of ways to get your very own healthy water. If you think that drinking mineral water Singapore daily is too expensive, you can try to purchase a water purifier instead! Purify your water with Purity Singapore. Purity water filter will give you clean water that is consumable. With the specification of 3 to 8 degree C cold water and 85 to 90 degree C hot water, you can feel the benefits of a much healthier water with Purity Singapore!

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day in Singapore?

As the second most overworked country among 40 countries, it is important for Singaporeans to consume water as much per day. Most Singapore employees work about 45 hours per week which means that they have to drink water in order to prevent them from having chronic illness due to the stress, bad lunch habit and poor sitting.

The health problems that Singaporeans might face require them to consume 8-10 glass water in a day. If you live by these rules, then you will be well-hydrated and of course, healthier than those who do not abide by it.

Tap Water Safety in Singapore

Sometimes what makes people disregard the importance of drinking water is because they find it hard to get clean water aside from mineral water brands Singapore. However, you can easily get clean water in Singapore by drinking it from tap water. Is it safe to drink tap water in Singapore? The answer is yes! Actually, Singapore is one of the few countries that has a safe-to-drink tap water alongside Hong Kong, Brunei, Israel, South Korea, and Japan.

You can go ahead and find the best mineral water in the world, but it won’t guarantee that it will make you healthier or so. Basically, drinking the best mineral water is not enough to keep you fit, but several physical activities and a healthy eating habit is also needed.

The needs of water for each person in Singapore is different. Their choice of choosing clean water is also distinctive. Some decided to use distilled water singapore and others use filtered water. Which one would you prefer?

Water Filter Necessity in Singapore

Drinking water quality standards in Singapore are always maintained by the Environmental Public Health (EPH) by following WHO comprehensive guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. This also means that the quality of drinking water from the tap is always monitored by Singapore’s national water agency.

There are many water brands Singapore that you can choose for your daily drinking water. However, is a water filter necessary in Singapore? Some of you must be thinking that buying wholesale mineral water will be so improvident. The cheapest solution is installing a water filter. Water filter system from Purity Singapore could provide you with clean water along with the benefits such as detoxifying, energizing and revitalizing, as well as better digestion.

Nowadays, with advanced technology, we can easily get a water filter or water dispenser Singapore that could be a healthier choice for drinking water. With only one installment, you can get a clean supply of H2O.

If you ever question yourself like “do I need a water filter in Singapore?” Even though the government is assuring the safety of drinking water in Singapore, there is still probability in which the water seems unclear that it could be a little discolored or contain particles. Now it’s time for you to decide. Consider yourself getting a water filter for a healthier way of life.

Get Your Water Cleansed with Purity Singapore

Are you thinking about living a better and healthier life? A small step such as consuming clean water everyday is a good start! Get your own clean water with a water filter, water dispenser or undersink from Purity Singapore. With a modest dimension of 30cm (W) x 36.5 cm (D) x 52 cm(H), Purity water filter is very easy to install. Register your appointment to visit us at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street, Singapore or call us!

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