Direct-Piping Water Dispenser Guidelines And Price

Water is very important to have in the house. You need a continuous supply of it for drinking, cooking and bathing. Water is very essential for health and well being. But how to drink enough water without compromising your lifestyle? That is the question.

Singapore locals love to have that also support zero water wastage movement! You can get clean drinking water at any time with direct piping water dispenser products, anywhere in their daily life. Innovation and invention are what drive us to serve you.

So yes indeed, a direct piping water dispenser makes it possible to do precisely that. We did not only limit ourselves to those conventional products offered by everyone in the market but we took a more comprehensive approach with solutions that matter.

What is a water dispenser direct piping?

Piping-in water dispensers are connected to a fixed water source, and they have the added benefit of being able to keep the temperature of the water at a constant level. This is different than the bottled type of water dispenser, where the source of water supply is drawn from the detachable prefilled water containers.

What direct piping water dispenser do?

Direct piping water dispensers eliminates the need for:

  • Set a schedule for refilling your bottles of water. They don’t have to arrange for delivery of the containers because they get their water from the water pipe. This will lead to cost savings over the long run.
  • There is storage space for spare and used water containers.
  • Regulate the amount of water that you drink.
  • Avoid unnecessary risk of injury to replace the water bottle

Advantages of using a direct piping water dispenser

No plastic wastage

This water dispenser eliminates the need to order water bottles from vendors. This saves you the trouble of bottom loading / top loading of large bottles. With the waterpoint, you can enjoy unlimited supply of hot and cold filtered water.

Reduce the use of carbon

Imagine the plastic from the carbon footprint from the big bottles & the deliveries we have to make every week or every month. It’ll be greatly reduced to just 1 or 2 trips by technician to help you change the filters and service your dispenser.

Space friendly

Direct piping saves space in your home. It makes your house or apartment look tidier, and it’s easier to see where everything is. You’re looking for more space? You’ve found it!

Very convinience

No longer do you have to wait for a delivery of empty bottles. You can enjoy limitless, uninterrupted water. This water bottle is the best water bottle on the market! Direct piping is the simplest kind of bottle water dispenser available. It’s much less complicated than bottle-in-bottle systems and also offers more benefits.

Cost friendly

You will save money over time if you are buying this product for several different people because it is often less expensive to order it in large quantities.

What is the price of direct piping water dispensers in Singapore?

The cost of a direct piping water dispenser is the initial investment and installation costs. The cost of the product depends on the model and type of installation. There are a variety of options for installation. However, it range from $200-$1000 or even more.

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