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Every human being needs an ultimate source of life; that is water. Not only that water is contained in our bodies, but also about 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. That is why, consuming a pristine and clean taste of water, there are several water dispenser suppliers Singapore that can provide you with the best product and service. So, ready to explore some more?

Water Dispenser, What Is It Exactly?

Some of you might have a living that has a water dispenser. Or, maybe you are working in an office, and inside the building, there is always one water dispenser that is put on each floor. However, you might have not known the purpose of having a water dispenser because you do not have any?

Well, basically, a water dispenser is a unique form of electronics that can facilitate instant hot or cold water. This can be used for a daily basis, placed at home, office, or any public places. If you use a water dispenser, for example, in your home, you do not need to do manual things that could waste your precious time.

Such as boiling water manually to get hot water, or making an ice cube of which you need to wait a bit longer before it really becomes frozen. With a water dispenser, you can easily get the types of water you want to simplify every little detail in the way you live.

For instance, one of several other water dispenser firms in Singapore, Purity Singapore is included. Purity Singapore Pte Ltd. is able to give you the best service from our pure water dispensers. With our purified water, we assure that you get a water dispenser servicing Singapore in a high-quality result and process. Do not mind giving us a call to know more information about us!

What Are the Types of Water Dispensers?

Commonly, there are three types of water dispensers; bottled, piped-in, and direct piping. Here are the explanations.

Bottled Water Dispenser Singapore

For this first type of water dispenser, bottled water dispenser is usually available as a floor standing model. This type is yet the simplest. Talking about the quality of the water, it will vary from one to another water dispenser firms.

But, with Purity Singapore, because we provide alkaline water, the filtering process will be purified, clean, and refers to a higher than 7 pH balance. Relax, Purity has healthy mineral water for you to drink or cook!

Second, Piped-in Type

Other than bottled water dispenser, piped-in water dispenser type is also commonly available in freestanding or even countertop designs. However, this type of water dispenser is famously known to be supplying a better quality of filtered water. To make this water dispenser work, you only need to connect it directly to your primary water supplies at the place you live.

The filtered water is not only accessible for cold water, but also hot water for making coffee, tea, instant food, or soup. Why is this type of dispenser water so popular? Because you do not need to replace it with bottles of water. A piped-in water dispenser can be manageable continuously instead.

Yet, you still have to clean your piped-in water dispenser regularly. Make a schedule for this for a better enhancement and result. Keeping the piped-in water dispenser hygienic is important to always maintain the long-lasting use and condition. Moreover, the periodic filter replacement is also fundamental according to the usage, usually 6 to 12 months.

Direct Piping

This last prime water dispenser called direct piping is generally used for those who intend to have continual water supply such as offices in Singapore. Most office buildings have a tap, sink, and washroom, thus, they might need direct piping water dispensers for an unlimited amount of water.

Comparison between Purity Singapore and Other Brands

Purity Singapore has several achievements and certifications such as Singapore Water Association (SWA), TUV SUD, and ALS. Since it was first established, Purity Singapore has been serving the best water dispenser in Singapore by providing Alkaline water and great services.

While other brands might have natural mineral waters that only prioritize the modern design of each water dispenser, Purity Singapore is making the quality of water for each of our dispenser models a number one concern which has to be worth it for you!

Other brands indeed have many types of bottles such as PET bottles, large, or gallon ones. Yet, Purity Singapore has an under sink that can give you no mess at all because it does not require much space. Plus, we can also provide you with more than 7 pH Alkaline water to cook or drink.

Purity Singapore Pte Ltd

Come to our showroom in 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #07-04 Link@AMK Singapore, or you can simply contact us! We always welcome you to let us help you give the best service – advising you on the most suitable water dispenser in Singapore for your home. You will have an unlimited access to clean, safe, and healthy water if you choose Purity Singapore!

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