Can You Get Sick From A Water Dispenser?

Many potential buyers have always asked me, are there any chances you can get sick from drinking water in a water dispenser? It’s a question that stands the test of time and it’s time for us to answer for you especially.

To make it short, the answer is yes, depending on the type of water dispenser you are using and the quality of the water being used. Most people assume that if they buy a “Hot & Cold Water Dispenser” it will be safe to drink from, but that isn’t necessarily true. If your water dispenser doesn’t have adequate filtration or purification, you could be drinking harmful bacteria or other contaminants that have been trapped in the water.

Now, since you already have your answer, you must have a few questions as well regarding how to avoid getting sick drinking from water dispensers.



First off, know that germs are everywhere in our everyday lives and that exclusively includes your water dispensers. We’re not saying that all germs are bad but if you don’t clean your water dispensers properly, be ready to drink the bad ones inside your body. It’s important to take some simple precautions to avoid getting sick from water dispensers.

What you should do for your water dispensers are:

  • Regularly clean to make sure you get rid of any germs that may have accumulated inside the dispenser over time.
  • Use filtered water in your water dispensers, as this is safer than tap water.
  • Replace the filter cartridges in your dispensers regularly to ensure that your water is free of bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Clean the nozzle and spout of the dispenser with a clean cloth to prevent dirt from entering your drink.
  • Keeping your water dispenser out of direct sunlight reducing the risk of bacteria buildup.

Also, something to remember is that not all water dispensers are created equally. Some have filters that help remove bacteria from the get-go while others don’t have any of them. Think wisely when getting a water dispenser since it can harbor bacteria after a certain time of not using it as well.

Moreover, if you are traveling and need to use a hotel water dispenser, be particularly cautious because they often aren’t cleaned as often as they should be.


Potential Illness

So, to summarize the list of unfortunate or unexpected illnesses that you may get are of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Dehydration

This is not the complete list of illnesses but are the most common ones that you can get. If it doesn’t sound as worrisome you might need to worry more as they are extreme cases of people dying from drinking dirty water.


Experiencing these symptoms currently?

If you are experiencing these symptoms currently, immediately call or contact the nearest medical facility and seek professional medical help.

It’s better to be safe than sorry as although the “extreme cases” are rare but it does happen to people.

Overall, we here at Purity want to make sure all of you readers are more informed before buying your first water filter. We want to make sure that you are drinking clean and safe water as it ensures that we are doing our part to inform you of everything you need to know firsthand.

If you are interested in finally buying your first water purifier, feel free to check our products or our site for more of our monthly articles.

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