Alkaline Water in Singapore: How Much Is It?

Do you want to know how much an alkaline water dispenser in Singapore would cost? In this  post, we will discuss what alkaline water is and why it’s important that you drink it regularly. We will also list and describe all of the different types of filters and dispensers available on the market today.

To help you figure out which type of filter or dispenser is best for your needs, we’ll give a breakdown on pricing as well!

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is just as it sounds: the water has an alkalinity level on the pH scale that’s higher than neutral.

This type of water can be created naturally through a process known as electrolysis when minerals are added to help increase its levels. The most common types of electrolytic processes involve adding either calcium, magnesium, and potassium hydroxides to distilled water (or reverse osmosis).

Ultimately, these three chemicals will create what we know today as “alkaline” water because they cause the pH to rise. Here are the benefits of alkaline water:

  • Opposite from acidity – when there’s too much acidic substance in your body, this may lead to various health problems such as ulcers or digestive issues.
  • Alkaline water helps to neutralize the acidity level in your body by raising its pH levels and making you feel better overall.
  • The alkalinity means that there is a higher presence of water molecules with an extra hydrogen atom. It can increase energy production or improve sleep patterns.

How Much Is Alkaline Water in Singapore ?

An alkaline water in Singapore will start at around S$200. The price can go up to as much as SGD500 if you’re looking for a more advanced system that includes sources such as ionizers and reverse osmosis filters, but this is typically the range.

When it comes to cost, there are a lot of factors that contribute what type of filter or purifier do you want? How big is your family? What kind of warranty does the company offer?

The type of filter or purifier also plays a role in the price. For example, there are water filters that use activated carbon to catch any particles as well as chlorine and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

In contrast, an ionizer is more expensive because it employs electrolysis to separate out ions such as calcium from the tap water before passing through the electrodes at high voltage. The resulting alkaline output may be used with distilled water for drinking purposes only without boiling required. Ionizers will start at SGD500+, while basic undersink filtration units cost around S$200+.

A few years ago, people would pay about $500 to buy one of these devices and a new filter from overseas manufacturers. Nowadays, the prices have come down to around $300-$400 – still more expensive than other types of filters on the market such as carbon filters or undersink water purifiers with activated charcoal which typically cost between $150-$200 depending on what type you’re looking at.

So, why is alkaline water expensive? It’s because they are specifically made to provide “alkaline” water by producing hydrogen ions through electrolysis. This process separates out the positively charged hydroxyl ion (OH-) and electrons coming around.

The water that it produces is also alkaline in pH – which means they’re not acidic or corrosive like other types of water such as distilled water. There are two types of water filtration systems that use this technology: an undersink system and a countertop model.

The undersink models cost between $650-$850, while the countertop ones typically go for about $250 in Singapore. It is said to have many benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant effects as well as protection against chronic diseases like diabetes. The undersink comes in two models; one installed under your sink and another on top of your kitchen area work surface.

Note that this figure includes installation costs but excludes shipping fees if applicable. In Singapore, an undersink setup can be purchased at about S1300. The cost depends on the type of setup you choose. On average, it costs $US 750 ± S$1290 to purchase an alkaline water dispenser in Singapore with installation included.


So make sure to do your research before committing to anything! And if possible, get quotes from local vendors first so that there’ll be no surprises when installing these types of appliances at home!

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