A Water Filter Dispenser: 11 Reasons to Get a New Drinking System for Your Home

To keep healthy and hydrated, it is advised that you drink a specific quantity of water every day, whether at work or at home. Water from the tap might occasionally be of low quality. 

Even though it appears to be clean, it may contain millions of bacteria as well as dangerous chemicals and poisons.

There is one wonderful technique to always have pure water that is both clean and safe. Consider purchasing a water dispenser for your house or workplace in Singapore. 

Water dispensers Singapore are available for both commercial and residential installation in Singapore.

Drinking water is essential for life and the only way to replenish your body’s supply of fluids. However, many people are unaware that there are two types of drinking water: tap water and bottled water.

Tap water can be harmful if consumed without a filter, while bottled waters vary in taste and quality depending on the brand you buy.

Most people tend to use one or the other without realizing their differences. We’ll compare both options so you can make an informed decision about which type of drinking water is best for you!

A comparison of these two types of water will begin with a closer look at tap water, which is quite different from bottled water in terms of purity.

1: Tap Water Is Not as Pure as You Think

Tap water is the most common choice for drinking out of plastic bottles because it’s readily available and cheap. Studies have shown that 30% of the population in developed countries drink tap water. However, you might not realize that it is not as pure as bottled water.

2: Tap Water Is Purer Than Bottled Water

Even though tap water isn’t as clean and safe to consume as most people believe, there are steps taken to purify municipal tap water before it is released to people.

In terms of purity, tap water actually beats bottled water since it passes through different levels of purification and filtration before being distributed, which makes it less likely that pathogens will contaminate the supply.

For example, municipal water is disinfected using chlorine after treatment to keep it clean.

3: Tap Water Is Usually Not Fluoridated

Another advantage of municipal tap water is that it is usually not fluoridated. Most bottled waters are fluoridated which means some people may get more fluoride than they need.

Some communities have also banned the practice of adding fluoride to water or soda, yet fluoridating drinking water remains a controversial decision. While fluoride may help to prevent tooth decay, there are reports that in high doses, it can be toxic.

4: Tap Water Is Usually Not Treated with Aluminium

The treatment process for tap water usually does not add other chemicals to the supply such as aluminium or fluoride as most bottled waters do.

When you purchase a 5 gallon bottle of water from your local grocery store, you are paying a premium price for water that may or may not be safe to drink depending on where it was bottled.

5: Tap Water Is Usually More Efficient and Cost-Efficient Than Bottled Water

For municipal tap water systems, the cost per gallon of water is usually lower than what you pay when buying bottled water.

In addition, with tap water you don’t need to worry about the cost of transporting and storing it before getting to your home because that has already been taken care of.

6: Tap Water Is Usually Free from BPA

There are concerns over the safety of certain plastic bottles due to a chemical called bisphenol-A or BPA.

Because of the health risks involved, plastic bottles have been banned from many schools and some communities in various countries around the world.

With tap water, you don’t need to worry about drinking out of plastic bottles that are coated with BPA since it is not used by municipal systems.

7: Tap Water Is Usually Safe to Consume Even When It’s Hot Outside

Some bottled water companies have come under fire for using a certain filtering method that makes it difficult for consumers to drink cold or hot water tap water.

You don’t need to worry about this with municipal tap water as the heat from the sun is usually enough to kill any bacteria and other contaminants in it.

8: Tap Water Is More Compatible with Appliances

One of the things you might consider when buying a pitcher or faucet filter is whether or not the device will be able to effectively work with your appliances.

While most water filters are small enough to fit under almost any sink, some smaller models may have compatibility issues that could make it impossible for you to install the filter for months.

A good water filter dispensers can be installed as needed, depending on what you need and where you are looking for filtered water to be available.

9: Tap Water Is Usually More Convenient to Use

With a water dispenser, you don’t have to worry about the cost of buying bottled water.

The filter and other components will need to be replaced at some point, but those are costs that you can anticipate instead of being surprised by them as is often the case with bottled waters.

You will also save time with a water filter dispensers since you can serve yourself whenever you need it.

10: Tap Water Has No Expiration Date

One final advantage of tap water over bottled water is that it doesn’t have an expiration date. This means you can store your supply for as long as necessary and not worry about losing any quality or flavor.

Bottled waters have been known to become stale after a certain amount of time since they are not stored under optimal conditions.

11: Lastly, Tap Water Is The Best and Most Affordable Way for You to Get Your Daily Hydration Requirements.

If you are looking for a way to stay well hydrated, tap water is the best option for you. It’s less expensive than bottled water so you can save money while also staying healthy with your drinking water.

12: Capacity

When large families, businesses and shops require large volumes of water water, an automatic water dispenser should have become the natural choice. It can help save costs by using a POU device rather than the usual plastic piping. Some POU units are completely tankless while others come with large tanks which store hot and cold water directly from the source allowing easy storage. More drinkers means you have to change bottles more frequently and may even require buying separately. It adds extra room and occupies more space in the home and the workplace.

How do I choose a water dispenser in Singapore?

It is very important that you consider several factors before getting water dispensers in your home. Should we have filtered water vs tap water? Tell me the number of users that use the water dispenser? Is there a place to work? In addition you need filtered water or just normal tap water.


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