9 Practical Ways on How to Use Water Sustainably for Zero Water Wastage

9 Practical Ways on How to Use Water Sustainably for Zero Water Wastage – Purity

We use water to shower, to wash dishes, to wash our clothes, to drink, to fill our swimming pools, and even to cook. But we often overlook the ways in which we waste this precious natural resource. How to save water? What can you do to cut down on this wasteful behaviour? 

While most of us might not think about it, we actually waste a lot of water every time we use it. And that doesn’t even include all the other things we do with water that we don’t really need it for.

The good news is, there are some very simple changes you can make to conserve water at home. Most importantly, you can reduce the amount of water you use by just making simple changes.

In this article, I’m going to give you 9 ways to save water at home so you can use it sustainably.

So if you want to learn how to use water sustainably and avoid wasting water, then read on…

Collect Rainwater

When the rain comes, collect the water for your household needs. For instance, for washing the dishes and laundry. Or you can treat it to become drinking water. Or you can also use it for cooking and watering the plants. By collecting rainwater, you don’t have to waste the water from the faucets. Don’t forget to close the water containers after collecting the rainwater.

Install Water Filter

The water you collect from the rain might be dirty and it really takes time to boil it. The solution for this problem is to install a water filter in your home. It removes bacteria, dirt, unwanted taste and odours to provide clean and fresh-tasting water for you and your family. With a water filter, you don’t have to waste time drinking water.

Use High Efficiency Washing Machines

User newer models of washing machines with high efficiency. The newer models usually have better automatic sensors that show the exact amount of water they need. So, when you wash your laundry, you won’t waste much more water since the machine knows how much water you should use.

Opt for Dishwasher

It might seem unbelievable, but it’s true that washing dishes using your hand uses more water than using the dishwasher. When people do the dishes by hand, they tend to let the faucets open even when they don’t use the water. This habit needs to be replaced by using a dishwasher. Or, if you feel like doing the dishes by hand, close the faucets when you don’t use them.

Short Showering

Taking a shower too long means taking much more water. It’s time to reduce your time in the shower. It is one of simple ways to save water. Turn on the shower only when you use it. For instance, turn off the shower when you soap your body or apply shampoo to your hair, then turn it back on to rinse.

Opt for Bar Soap over Liquid Soap

Whether it’s for shower or washing your hands, it will be better if you use a bar soap instead of a liquid one. A liquid soap, primarily that contains moisturising gels, tends to require more water to be rinsed off.

Turn off The Faucets When not in Use

Washing hands, shaving, brushing teeth, washing the vegetables. If you do them in the sink, don’t let the water run when you don’t use it. Open the faucets only when you need it. You’ll be saving 4 gallons a minute.

Use Low Watt Home Furniture

We know that we use electricity in our homes on a daily basis. But, did you know that it takes a huge volume of water to generate electricity? Water is used to keep coal, gas, or nuclear power plants from overheating in the process of generating electricity. So, when we reduce the use of electricity at home, it means we also save water. We can turn off the lamp, the TV, or the AC when we don’t use it. Other than that, use low watt home furnishings such as water dispensers, fans, or iron clothes.

Use Water Dispensers

Why do we need a water dispenser to save water? Of course you can boil water when you need it. But, a water dispenser will give us more efficiency. For example, when we want a cup of tea, we tend to boil more water than we actually need. As a result, the rest of the water is wasted. However, when we own a water dispenser, it’s complemented with a water heater so we won’t waste time or water when we need it. We just have to press the knob, then stop when we get the amount of water we exactly need.

Sustainable Water Products in Purity Singapore

Water is a precious natural resource for the persistence of humans’ lives. Therefore we have to conserve it to keep its sustainability. Purity water dispenser Singapore offers sustainable products that keep water’s sustainability. We have the best water filters and water dispensers which provide clean and healthy water for you and your family. For more information, visit our website or don’t hesitate to make a call!

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