Tips to Find The Best Alkaline Water Machine in Singapore

Following the development in medical technology, many tech-advanced regions have become more aware of the need for a balanced lifestyle starting from things that we need to consume daily such as water. With the high amount of acidic food and beverages that one can consume daily, it automatically becomes a concern that we need to reduce or more like balancing the acidity with alkalized water. This makes an alkaline water machine a highly helpful and hyped tool nowadays. 

In this article, we will give some insights on how to choose the right alkaline water machine for your household so make sure you don’t miss it out. 


4 Important Components of Alkaline Water Machine

Before evaluating which alkaline water machine is best for you, it will be wiser to first understand what’s the most important components that you need to look out for. 

Regardless of the brand, every water ionizer is supposed to have the same four main key features which are:

  • Filters 
  • Plates
  • pH/ORP Range
  • Warranty / Company Reputation

So what are they exactly? Let’s break it down for further understanding. 


Filters can be considered as one of the most important parts in water ionizers. A water filter helps to remove the impurities from your water. It is essential to have a good water filter because it defines the cleanliness in your water. 




Flat and solid, mesh, and slotted were three of the main types of plates that exist.

Among all the three, it’s safe to say that the flat and solid plates are better than the other two as they’re more durable and also easier to clean. 

Although price wise, the mesh and the slotted plates probably cost less compared to the flat and solid plates but they couldn’t offer you any lasting benefits. 

Beside the types of plates, another thing to consider is the amount of it. The usefulness of your water ionizer maxes out around the number of seven plates. If there’s water ionizer with three plates or below, it can be considered as cheap and fairly ineffectual. 

pH/ORP Range

ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential is a measurement of ion exchanges. Water with a negative ORP value can donate extra ions, thus, is more efficient in reducing free radicals. Alkaline water machines with quality should be able to provide both alkalized and acidic water produced in a highly negative ORP value. Make sure to select a machine that has a pH range of 4 to 11 with at least negative 800 ORP.

Generally known, a pH scale ranged from 0 to 14 with 7 being a neutral scale. Alkaline water to consume should be higher than 7 but not exceeding 10. Most suggested pH in alkaline water that will be used for drinking is between the range of 8.5 and gradually increasing into 9.5 if needed. Meanwhile water with a pH higher than 10 is usually being used for cleaning. 

On the other hand, a water with lower pH value is more corrosive and usually being used to rinse the vegetables as it can help you to reduce the bacteria. 


Warranty / Company Reputation

Without much need of explanation, everyone should be likely to buy things from a trustworthy company, especially when it comes to buying something as sensitive as health related products.

Some indicator that could help you verify whether a company is reputable or not is:

  • Company Associations
  • Product Quality Certifications
  • Warranty both covers defect and repairs
  • Factory Company Testing
  • Rating from Customers



After reading the whole explanation of 4 key features that every alkaline water machine should have, now it’s time to do the simple summary. Which alkaline water machine is best for your household? It should firstly have a water filter system that could provide alkaline water, best if it has a dual filter system. For the plates, a best alkaline water machine is those with solid plates not a mesh or slotted ones and the amount of plates should be around five to seven. Can provide a pH range between 4 to 11 with ORP at  negative 800 scale. Lastly, make sure to purchase from a company with a great reputation.


The alkaline water machine Singapore needs is a machine that not only serves the purpose of a water dispenser, but more than that, we need a machine that could do both tasks. Beside the ability to give us purified water, it could also produce an ionized water; a water with pH higher than 7 which is good for drinking and cooking. To put it simply, we need a machine that could allow us to have access to clean, safe, and healthier water.


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Purity Singapore

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Their products range between under sink water filters that provide you Alkaline Water without any mess because it doesn’t require much space as it’s only a faucet installed on your sink beside your tap, water filter system, and water dispenser (purified water).

Purity Singapore makes sure that the Alkaline Water produced is higher than 7 pH balance which is healthier for you to consume and is best for drinking and cooking. It’s safe to say that this company produces one of the best alkaline water machine Singapore has to be looking out for. 

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