I have dealt with the team of Purity Singapore for YEARS, I have NOTHING but out of the world positive experience. Due to the last minute relocation of the unit on a SATURDAY MIDNIGHT their team replied and arranged everything in a jiffy, entire process was smooth like a hot knife through butter. His workers are incredibly friendly and superb workmanship. Swift yet precise installation. I’ve also used water purification system nothing, but healthier life for my entire family and kids, we didn’t fall sick for 2 years, not even a cold. Can you believe it? You decide. This is NOT a paid review or sponsored post but sincere customer with nothing but high praises for Thomas and his team. I wish you nothing but the best success your company can build. To potential customers, yes there is cheaper options out there, with all the fake Korea branding, but always remember you get for what you pay for, why scrimp a couple of hundreds for something you drink everyday, what’s a couple of hundred dollars? A meal at a restaurant? A couple of pint of beers at a bar? I’m grateful & glad our family made this choice.