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Alkaline Water Side Effects, Benefits For Your Health

Drinking alkaline water is something that you should do to help boost your health, but it’s not always clear about how much or which kind to drink. From the many alkaline water machine reviews, it seems like everyone is trying this new hot trend in health. Alkaline water machines sell fast and they’re so easy […]

Common Mistakes When Buying a 3M WaterFilter Singapore

It’s important to know the common mistakes when you buy a 3M water filter. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake when buying one. After reading this article about common mistakes when buying a 3M water filter in Singapore, you will be able to avoid the most common mistakes made by people who […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a 3M Filtered Water Dispenser

3M drinking water dispenser is suited to any home or office environment and has been designed to integrate with most modern kitchen decor. Their filters are filled with activated carbon that removes chlorine, taste, and odor from tap water. 3M filtered water dispensers can either sit on the benchtop or be wall-mounted. 3M branded bottled […]

Mistakes To Avoid Before Getting A Portable Water Purifier Singapore.

mistakes to avoid before getting a portable water purifier Singapore are not considering what you want and not being realistic about your needs. These mistakes will lead to the wrong product for you, even if it is an expensive one. An example of this is when people purchase a higher-priced model because they think that […]

Benefits of Owning a Home Water Filter Singapore

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of owning a home water filter, specifically in Singapore. If you have ever been to or live in Singapore, then you know that it is one of the most humid places on Earth. This humidity can cause mold and bacteria to grow inside your pipes which […]

How To Find The Best Filtered Water Dispenser Singapore.

Water is the most important thing for humans. It’s more than just a necessity of life, it’s an integral part of our everyday existence. You need water to do just about anything, and without it, your body dries up like a raisin in the sun. So why are so many people dehydrated? The answer lies […]

How to Choose a Good Water Dispenser Hot And Cold in Singapore

A good water dispenser can be a hot commodity in Singapore. The Straits Times reports that there are 9 million people living in the city-state and about 3 million of them drink bottled water regularly. That’s a lot of plastic bottles being thrown away every day! Hot and Cold Water Dispenser By Purity Singapore: The […]

Benefit of Alkaline Water: Secret To Good Health! | Purity Singapore

Many of us know that we need to be drinking more water in order to stay healthy. But what kind of water is the best? Alkaline water is said to benefit your health and provide you with a secret weapon against illness and disease. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits […]

6 Critical Questions For Your Best Water purifier Singapore

If you happen to get a water purifier in Singapore, that is the best for you. The water purifier might not be affordable or cheap but it is worth trying because of its effectiveness and benefits. Most importantly, it helps improve your health. If you are tired to drink tap water, try this awesome water […]