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Best Hot Cold Water Dispenser For Your Home In Singapore

Do you want hot and cold water in your home? If so, then a hot and cold water dispenser is the best way to make sure that it happens. The hot hot water will be perfect for making coffee or tea during the morning while the cold water will be perfect for drinking all day […]

Are Under Sink Water Filter Is Worth It In Singapore?

Have you installed your under sink water filter in Singapore? Some of Singaporean have not installed their under sink water filter wondering if it’s worth it or not. Actually, under sink water filters are common and popular nowadays. Water filter Singapore will promote your health. It offers a lot of health benefits. Under sink water […]

5 Benefit of Alkaline Water for Your Health

We can all agree that water is an essential need for body health, but not all water is the same. Research shows that alkaline water provides other extra great benefits that regular tap or bottled water lacks. If you are considering how to make alkaline water, here are six common ways you can turn your […]

What Is Alkaline Water And Its Uses?

What is alkaline water? Most people still ask this question when they are hearing about alkaline water. Alkaline water is popular nowadays in Singapore. It has become the latest trend to increase your body health. Drinking  alkaline water will offer you more health benefits than usual water.  Alkaline water refers to the higher than 7 […]

Tips to Find The Best Alkaline Water Machine in Singapore

Following the development in medical technology, many tech-advanced regions have become more aware of the need for a balanced lifestyle starting from things that we need to consume daily such as water. With the high amount of acidic food and beverages that one can consume daily, it automatically becomes a concern that we need to […]

How Much Should You Drinking Water a Day in Singapore?

Living in tropical countries like Singapore is hard. Harsh weather, high temperature and humidity. Makes you have to drink a lot of water everyday. Water is of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is […]

Which Alkaline Water Machine is Best? and How to Choose!

The alkaline water machine is one of the most innovative and revolutionary kitchen gadgets that has come out in recent years. They have been around for a while, but they are starting to become more popular as people learn about their benefits. The alkaline water machine can be used at home or in your office, […]

Is Drinking Alkaline Water Give Benefits For You?

Water has the most important function in people’s lives. Most elements in our bodies contain water on average 60% for the ideal body water percentage.   However, have you ever heard of alkaline water? Many people believe that plain water is sufficient and healthy enough for our bodies. But, is it really enough? According to studies, […]

What does Singapore tap water contain? Is It Safe To Drink It?

This article will answer these questions and more. It will tell you what singapore tap water contains, if it is safe to drink in singapore, and how to filter it for your own safety. What does singapore tap water contain? The singapore water tap is treated with chlorine, fluoride and sodium hydroxide as a disinfectant […]

Alkaline Water in Singapore: How Much Is It?

Do you want to know how much an alkaline water dispenser in Singapore would cost? In this  post, we will discuss what alkaline water is and why it’s important that you drink it regularly. We will also list and describe all of the different types of filters and dispensers available on the market today. To […]